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September 19, 2016

Crazy Quilting Lampshade - Flower Children

Apple Blossom is a fairy,
Swinging in a tree so airy
By and by the little sprite
Sprinkles the ground with pink and white.

Step 1: Creating a pattern from the lampshade.
Using a large enough piece of paper, and using
the seam on the shade as the starting and finishing 
point roll the lampshade frame over the paper,
 whilst marking the edge on the paper.  
Allow at least a 20 mm seam allowance
on all edges.

Step 2: Cut one piece of calico from the template
just created. 

This is the base for the Crazy Quilting.

 Other option draw the template onto the calico
 and cut out once the Crazy Quilting has been completed.

I have centred this project around the Satin Image of
Apple Blossom.
Using fabrics in Dupioni Silk to complete the image.
Also the addition of Hand Dyed Laces to Enhance
the Seams. 

Put together a selection of threads, beads, motifs silk ribbons 
sequins and other embellishments to compliment your fabrics.
I have taken the theme as a fantasy theme owing to 
the fact that the image is from a childrens storybook
by Elizabeth Gordon.
This has influenced the items I will be adding to this Quilting
and allows me to delve into a whimsical world in the Garden.

At this stage I am adding SRE to compliment some of
the Saveechi Pottery Buttons. Work still in progress. 

Carol Daisy


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