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May 17, 2016

DIY Hankerchief Pillow

DIY Re-purposing Lace Hankies

This is a quick and easy project I used for a class tutorial.

Take any lace or embroidered hankies, be they vintage or new. Some may hold a
special memory.  One of these was a hankerchief given to me on my wedding day
from my grandmother, much nicer to have it on show here than tucked away in a

Stitch them on to a base lawn white fabric, with a tacking stitch to hold them all down
firm, by adding some decorative stitches later they will all stay in place. 
Add some Silk Ribbon Embroidery flowers where there is space, 
also HAND DYED LACE MOTIFS and other

Make up to suit a pillow insert and I have added some lace to the lawn frill.

You will find FREE DESIGNS and TUTORIALS  for the Ribbon Embroidery 

on my Silk Ribbon Embroidery Blog 


Carol Daisy

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