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April 29, 2016

Tutorial - Mobile Phone Pouch

Crazy Quilting / Patch Mobile Phone Pouch 

or Small Purse.

 1.    Begin with the template at the end of the Tutorial or produce a similar pattern
         to fit the phone etc. you are making this for.

2.   Cut 2 pieces of fabric -

 1  - in silk taffeta or other fabric for the lining.
 1  - in a thin lawn or soft cotton to use as a base for the piecing of the crazy patch
front panel.

 3.    Begin by placing the fabric image to the base fabric.  Start with first fabric across one corner, to create 5 sides. This is required to make it easier to piece otherwise it will result in just a four sided frame.
The use of  plain fabrics around the image allows
the Silk Ribbon Flowers etc. to become the frame, therefore creating more interest to the patch.   

 4.  Continue adding pieces to make up the front of the pouch. Then cut a piece of Satin using  the pattern as a guide and stitch this to the patch.  Press the fabric seam each time as  you go.  This will be
of benefit when you put the bag together, as just a slight difference can cause puckering and uneven seams.
Now is funtime to add the embellishments,
SRE flowers, beads, laces whatever you fancy.


 5.  Right sides facing stitch the top angled 
 pieces together. I also have overlocked the seams prior to this. Press with the iron once again.


6.  Fold in half and now stitch the seams as 
you see from the pin positions.  Leave an opening in the lining base to allow you                                      ---->
to turn it right side out. At this point I 
make up as a bead length to hold the pouch, this is optional.  If you do so use beading thread it so much stronger and double thread is even better. Add this through the seam layer and knot off, before hand stitching to the joined seam.

7. Push the lining inside the bag and give it a gentle 
press with the iron.

 THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE                                                                    14.5 cms ( 5  1/2 inches )


                                                                                                                                             23cms  ( 9 inches)      Width

                                                         16 cms  ( 6 1/4 inches)

Carol Daisy

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