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September 23, 2015

Lace Pillow with Folded Ribbon Roses

A delicate pillow embellished with Hand Dyed Laces,
Folded Ribbon Roses and Beads. An easy to
complete project that would look great on show to hold 
brooches etc.

 Fabric:   Dupion Silk  22 cms ( 8 1/2 inches )  x  27 cms ( 11  inches)
 Lace: Plain or Hand Dyed   .6 mt  (22 inches) long
width of 8.5 cms ( 3 1/2 inchs).

Roses & Leaves:    A Selection of handmade Folded Ribbon Roses
in Silk Ribbon 15 cms, Organza or Bias Silk 15 -25 cms. 

A selection of Lucite flowers, pearl beads and
 1 Lampwork Glass Heart bead.


 Cut Lace into 2 even pieces. Place in posion as per photo.
The Roses will cover the centre join, or as an alternative use
a Gallon Lace.
Overlock silk and lace edges.  With matching sewing thread
tack the lace into position on Silk Fabric.
Place the fabric and lace into an Embroidery Hoop
and fix the hoop so that it is firm.
 By having your fabric in a hoop you are able to stitch roses, perfectly
  into position.  Allow some to be on  their side and others facing up.

Experiment where you wish to place roses, leaves and beading.

 With double sewing thread stitch down the leaves, followed by Roses and
lastly add Beads and Bead Flowers.

For help with creating Folded Ribbon Roses

 Using beading needle and thread make a beading embellishment
in this order.
 4 -5 Pearls, Heart, 1 Pearl at the tip of the heart and take it back
through all and stitch to the fabric.
Bead Flowers are held in place with a seed bead stitched
through the centre hole.  With wrong sides facing machine stitch
all seams, leaving a gap to turn right side out.
Preferably in the centre of the base out of view. Fill with wadding
and slip stitch the opening closed.

Display your Hat Pins and Brooches etc.

Gentle Hand Wash when needed.

Carol Daisy

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