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September 23, 2015

Crazy Patch Tassle Pattern


This is a fun quick project to make use of all
those small pieces of Dupion Silk
we cannot bare to part with.

 Crazy Patch Tassle Kit

Material:  Completed 1 Crazy Patch Piece
this one is 11 x 7 cms . It needs to
be long and wide enough to wrap the covered wooden bead
and allow for a 1 cm. seam allowance to close.
I overlocked the sides to keep it firm and
stop the fraying.
 Covered Wooden Bead approx. 4 x 2 cms
wrap a small piece of pellow around the beads and tack it on.
4 mm.  Silk Ribbon, Hand Dyed Lace Pieces,
Beads, Embroidery Threads.

 2 lengths 25 mm. Wired Taffeta Ribbon
1 length 16 mm. Wired Taffeta Ribbon
Beading Thread
Seed Beads for tassle Base & Loop
Flower Beads for decoration.

 Embroidery, Chenille & Beading Needles
Sewing Thread

Step 1: Embellish the Patch Seams with embroidery
Feather Stitch, Blanket Stitch etc. on the seams with
embroidery threads, laces and small seed beads. 
Then add any Ribbon Embroidery Stitches
you feel would suit.  Keep in mind a smaller flower
would be more suitable in comparison to the size of the project.
Leave 1.5 cms each end to allow for the seam.
Spider Web Roses, Small Ribbon Stitch Flowers and Leaves,
Running Stitch Combination, French Knots are
appropriate sizes.
For the beginner all these sitches are shown on

Step 2:   Right sides facing hand or machine stitch the side
seams together forming a tube. Turn right side
out and place the wooden bead inside. Using matching
 double sewing thread make a gathering stitch along the
top, using the overlock area, pull the thread  firm and 
knot off.  Repeat for the other end. You may wish
to add a small amount of wadding to both ends
before doing this to give a more rounded shape.

 Rosettes: 2 x 25 cm Rosettes + 1 x 16 cm. Rosette
 Remove wire from the ribbon seams.
Cut 25cm. wide Ribbons into 125 cm lengths.
Cut 16 cm wide Ribbons to 80 cm. lengths.
This is one exception not to cut at an angle.
If available you may cover the edges with fraystop
lightly to stop the fraying as you work.
Leave to dry before continuing.

Stitch the ends together, with a French Seam right sides facing out,
firstly with matching thread.  Next make a 
gathering stitch around the tube slightly above
halfway.  Pull the thread, gathering the ribbon, 
fasten off with a firm knot.  Cut off thread.  Flatten to 
form a rosette.

The link to a great French Seam tutorial on Cratsy.

 Thread a length of Beading Thread on to your beading needle.
With beads make a loop for the top for hanging
 ( approx. 15 cms. in length).  Stitch one of the 25cm 
ribbon rosettes to the top of the tassle with the beaded
handle through the wooden bead and fasten off well.
With beading thread again make beaded tassle for the base
placing flower beads at the end of some of these.
The needle is taken through the beads to the required length
over the last bead and back through all the beads you just threaded,
knotting at the base of the tassle fabric.
With the flower beads use a seed bead in the same way to
hold the flower on.  Continue in this way until you have the
number of tassles you require. ( I added 4 - 6 )

Place the tassles through the  25 cm rosette to the fabric, with the 16 cm. 
rosette on the outer side.  Stitch down well.

I have sketched a diagram to give you an idea if I have not explained
myself, clearly. For those of you with beading knowledge will probably handle
this much better than I.

Carol Daisy

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