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August 19, 2015

Shabby Chic Accessories



Featuring Cords using the Fibre Goddess Cordmaker

Loopy Blooms – using the Clover Hana-Ami Flower Loom

by Carol Daisy

Larger Bag -  Shoe / Lingerie Bag,

Smaller Bag-  Stockings, Jewellery, Phone or camera chargers

Larger Bag: Main Fabric 1 - 60 x 30 cms

                           Feature Fabric 2 – 13 x 30 cms

                          Feature Fabric 2 – 8 x 30 cms.

               Lining 2 – 35 x 30 cms

Smaller Bag: Main Fabric 1 – 35 x 20 cms

                           Feature Fabric 1 – 13 x 20 cms

                        Feature Fabric 2 - 8 x 20 cms

               Lining 2 - 30 x 20 cms 

Construction:     Large and Small Bag.

Press all Pieces. Both Bags are made in the same way

All seams are 1 cm.

Pin the lace into position, hand tack or machine stitch down
 to the fabric . Place the contrasting fabric in position and
 pin to cover the edge of the lace. Machine Stitch this seam.
 ( Using the line of stitching at the back will give a 
guide line for this )

Place 2nd Feature Fabric in Position and stitch.

Repeat this at the other end of the fabric.
Next add the linings at both completed ends.

The lining is shorter than the the bag front, when 
completed it will sit inside the bag with a band
 of the flower fabric showing from the top.

Fold this in half and place pins around the outside. 
( Taking care to match up the seams where the fabric 
has been joined. )

Leave an opening at the end seam of lining 12 cm across 
( To turn the bag right side out when you have stitched
          all the seams. Allow an opening on one side in 
the position where  you require the cord to be). 

Turn the fabric right side out. Press well. 
Make sure the seam is opened for the cord to be threaded 
through. Slip Stitch the seam closed in the lining with
 matching thread. Push lining inside bag and press again.

Mark 2 lines on the fabric with a ruler and stitch 2 lines 
for the cord 2 Cms. Wide.

Thread the cord through the seam,and add a

 spacer bead or toggle. Combine all

threads and make a complete knot in the tassle.

Loop Flower or an optional embellishment may be added.

Note: If having problems taking all the threads through 
the bead I place a piece of sticky tape around the threads,
 forming a tight tube, thread through the opening,
 then cut off the tape. )

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