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August 19, 2015

Shabby Chic Accessories

Curling Wand Pouch:

Main Fabric 1 – 30 x 28 cms ( Green )

Feature Fabric 1 – 8 x 28 cms

  Feature Fabric 2 – 8 x 28 cms.

Lining Quilted Cotton 1 – 30 x 28 cms

Bias Strip of Plain Colour to cover edge of Quilting 3 x 28 cms.

Outer Pouch - Feature Fabric ( Pink ) Stitch on lace trim

as in Bags.
 Add floral fabric, then green main fabric. Turn over seam

2 cms. at the plain end. Press and iron down this fold.

Fold back to the floral seam to shape the pocket.

Lining: On the straight end of the quilted fabric, 
add the bias trim.

Fold the quilted fabric over in the same manner, 
making sure the pocket is the same size.

Place both layers right sides together.
 If you wish to add a toggle or bead to the cord do so now. 
 Pin and stitch, including the cord at the centre of 
the pouch front.
 Make sure all seams are matching as in the bag.

( Do not stitch the base ) this will be the opening to turn 
the bag right way out.

Trim back the edges of the quilting at the seams, so it
 is not so bulky.

Turn pouch right side out. This is done in a few steps, 
including bringing the green fabric pocket into position.

Press all seams.

Slip stitch the seam of the outer cover and lining.

Add a Loopy Bloom or Embellishment if desired.

Carol Daisy

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