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August 19, 2015

Shabby Chic Accessories

Cosmetic Brush Roll  -   Brushes, Emery Board, Tweezers, Clippers,

Or Small Sewing Repair Kit. 


Cosmetic Brush Wrap:

Feature Fabric 1- 20 x30 cms ( Roses )

1- 14 x 30 cms ( Roses )

Feature Fabric 1 – 22 x 28 cms ( Pattern Pink )

Quilting 1 – 22 x 28 cms

Elastic 2 x 24 cms. Lengths
 ( Used Bed Sheeting Elastic a little softer )

Cosmetics Brush Wrap:

Fold and Press both floral pieces in half.

Place elastic inside the fabric at the top of the fold.

Machine stitch the ends to the fabric.

( It is shorter than the fabric and needs to be stretched

as you do this step.)

Position them on the quilted fabric with the larger piece

at the back and smaller to the front. This will give an

extra row of pockets and will be storage for the smaller


Stitch these to the quilting on the sides and bottom.

With a fabric marker, draw lines where you require the

pockets. ( I have made these 2 and 4 cms. ) These should

accommodate most items. Machine stitch these in one step.

Place backing fabric over this right sides together and pin in

position. Adding the cord to the centre of the side seam as you

do. ( Place the toggle on cord first ) Leave an opening 8 – 10 cms

wide at the opposite side, to turn the fabric .Machine Stitch the seam.

Trim back the edges of the quilting close to the stitching line,

to reduce the bulk at the seam. .

Press the wrap and slip stitch this seam over. Add a Loopy

Flower or Embellishment of choice.


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