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August 19, 2015

Childs First Tote


A functional Tote Bag for the toddler and Pre Schooler.
To carry their own personal items and provide activities
when needed.
Panels used: Elizabeth Studio Princess Range.

Hints: Use of a cutting mat and rotary cutter for preparing
the fabric pieces will give a more exact cut.
Press seams for a professional finish.


Poplin Main Colour:
Cut 2 - 30 x 35 cms. Bag
1 - 12 x 28 cms. Front Pocket Lining
1 - 12 x 18 cms. Back Pocket Lining

Stars ( Second Colour )
2 - 4.5 x 45 cms. Straps
1 - 8 x 70 cms Binding.

Calico - 2 - 30 x 35 cms. Bag Lining.
2 - 4.5 x 45 cms. Strap Backing.

Feature Fabric: 1 – 12 cms x 28 cms. Front Pocket
1 - 12 cms x 18 cms. Back Pocket

Interfacing: 1 – 8 x 70 cms. Binding

Hints: Use of a cutting mat and rotary cutter for preparing
the fabric pieces will give a more exact cut.
Press seams for a professional finish.

Stitch Instructions:
Pockets: Stitch Poplin backing to Feature Pocket Piece
Right Sides Facing, leave a 6 cm area open to turn
pocket right side out. Trim across the corners to make a
less bulky corner. Press seams and hand stitch the opening.
Pin completed pockets into position on front and back
Bag Panels 3 cms up from the lower edge of the Panel.
Stitch 1 cm. Seams around the 3 sides.
Larger pocket can be divided to create 2 or more areas.

Handles: Place wrong sides together, stitch 1 cm seams
on both sides of straps leaving ends open. Turn right side
out and press. Edge stitch the long seams to keep flat.
Pin straps into position on front and back bag panels,
right sides facing. Hold them in position with a row of

Bag: Main Colour & Lining.

Stitch Front and Back Panels together right sides facing
Stitch seams at sides and lower edge. ( 1 cm. Seams )
Fold lower corners of front and back, matching seams,
stitch across corners to create the base of bag. Turn right
side out and press.

Place completed lining inside Bag with wrong side facing.
Pin at the top seam and run a loose tacking stitch around
to keep them in position.

Binding: Baste Interfacing to wrong side of Binding Strip
fold in half and press seam. Wrong Sides facing stitch this
to the combined pieces at the top covering the ends of the
handles also and hand or machine stitch down the inside to
seal the top of the bag.

Machine stitch handles down to the binding on the front
in a square pattern.

Ride the Rails by Avlyn Fabrics-

Marking Pen and Crayon Wraps:
The wrap sizes are determined by the crayons and markers.
( Or colouring pencils ) If using a different size allow 2 cms
for seams plus 1 cm at least to protect the tip.
Markers used here are Jumbo size 14 cms long.
Crayons are 10 cms. long.
Crayon Wrap

Feature Panel : 1 - 10 x 25 cms Outer Pocket
2 nd. Colour: 1 - 10 x 25 cms. Inside Pocket
Main Colour: 2 - 12 x 25 cms Back
Interfacing: 1 - 12 x 25 cms. Back

Marking Pen Wrap

Feature Panel: 1 - 12 x 26 cms Outer Pocket
2 nd. Colour: 1 - 12 x 26 cms. Inside Pocket
Main Colour: 2 - 17 x 26 cms. Back
Interfacing: 1 - 17 x 26 cms. Back

Stitch Instructions:
Stitch Feature Panel and Inside Pocket wrong sides facing
along the top seam only, turn right side out and press down
the seam. Pin this on one of the larger pieces with base
edges matching. With a fabric marker, create stitching lines
on the Pocket front for the dividers, I allowed a distance of
2.5 cms for the crayons and 3 cms. for the markers.
With a matching thread, stitch the dividers in one action, by
stitching up and down each seam. Cut a 4 cm length of narrow
elastic and form a loop to suit a button or toggle. Stitch this
down at the middle of a side seam. Press.
Place the last fabric piece wrong sides facing over the
completed pockets, pin in position.
Stitch 1 cm seams around leaving a 6 – 8 cm opening. Give
the corners a curve if you wish. Turn right side out and press.
Slip stitch opening closed.
Place the crayons or markers in the wrap, fold over it into a roll
and mark the position for the button placement. Stitch button

Cloth Book

Feature Fabric: 1 – 17 x 32 cms Book Cover
Main Fabric 1 - 17 x 32 cms. Cover Lining.
Interfacing 1 – 17 x 32 cms.
Felt 2 - 14 x 28 cms. Pages

( I have used a Pinking Blade Wheel Cutter for the
edges of the Felt. Pinking Shears could also be used)

Train Book - A Felt Train, adding layers and running
stitch, felt can also be the adhesive type. Buttons
of varying size for the wheels, fleece for the smoke
attached by a press stud. Upside down pot button for
the bell. Alphabet stickers, Motifs etc.

Princess Book - To follow on with the theme of the
feature fabric I have added:
Princess Stick on Motif, Flower Motifs, Fabric
Embellishments of hearts, bows, butterflies, hand dyed
lace dragonfly, star buttons, alphabet stickers, star wand
outlined with gold sequins and seed beads, braid and
satin ribbon.

Felt Flowers with smiley face buttons.
Cut a strip of felt 4 x 10.5 – 11 cms.
Fold in half lengthwise ( 2 x 10.5 ) With fabric marker
add positon for cutting petals at 1.5 cm distances. 7 Petals.
Cut across the folded side 2/3 rds of the way. Take a fine
pair of scissiors and round off each petal tip both sides.
With matching double sewing thread, make tacking stitches
across the open long side, gather and tie off firmly. Leave
thread attached and add a smiley face button or one of your
choice. Place Velcro dot on the back and add other half to
the felt page.
Leaves: Cut some green felt in the shape of leaves and
stitch into position with sewing thread, using it at the same
time to create an outline for the leaf.

Place Interfacing on the back of the Feature Fabric. Add
a button loop in the front right centre and stitch in place.
Pin Backing Fabric right sides facing, to the Front
page. Stitch in 1 cm. Around all sides leaving a 6 cm. Opening.
Curve the corners if you wish. Trim off the corners.
Turn right side out. Press flat. Slip Stitch the opening.
Once you have completed all work on the felt pages, join both
together with a running stitch in Embroidery Thread, which
will cover the back of your work and give you 4 pages.
Find the centre of the cover and the centre of the pages and
and stitch together. Add a button to correspond with the loop. 


Felt Flowers with
Smiley Face Buttons
Different Colours and velcro to hold in place

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