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July 23, 2015

Kacoonda Kits

Kacoonda Embroidery Kits

Using only the best of natural fibres as our starting point, our threads
and ribbons are hand dyed in our unique colour range to produce
exquisite embroidery products that will inspire and delight you.

Kacoonda kits are created by designers using our hand dyed threads
and ribbons. You can purchase a kit that contains all the products 
needed to complete the project yourself.
Kits are also a fantastic gift for an embroiderer.


       Pin Bin 

      - Design by Linda Hicks

                     Floppy Feet 

                      - Designed by Monica Spicer

              Giraffe Blanket

                     - Design by Maree Besi



Spring Flowers 

                          Needle Book

                          - Design  by Delma Moore


         Pansies of the Past

            Designed by Ana Mallah.

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