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May 16, 2016

Kacoonda Silk Prints

Kacoonda Silk Print Range

More Stocks have arrived.

The pictures are beautifully printed onto silk.
The colour and detail reproduction are excellent, while the silk
retains its natural silky feel.
The images are approximately 20 x 25cms, plus a border
around the picture.

The French Window

Softly framed by a trellis of roses.

Cobblestone Cottage

What a glorious welcome! The wonderful fragrance of roses, and the simple
charm of cottage flowers.



     A wonderful choice of flowers and

      leaves to bring to life with the 

       addition of Silk Ribbon and Threads      

                  The Fairy Pond 

  Surrounded by an array of flowers 

 Fairies and Elves play on the Lily Pads.

      Picking Flowers

   Vintage Image of collecting flowers 
in the Country Garden

           Flowers in a Bowl 

          Iris, Roses, Columbines and more. Silk

   Ribbon would so emphasise all these flowers

   and bring it to life.

         Bunny School 

  As seen in Embroidery & Cross Stitch Magazine




                      Pansy Kitten 

 Such bright glorious colours.

                        Springs Magic Cloak 

   Surrounded by Flower Fairies, endless possibilities to
   Embellish with Ribbons and Threads.

           The Sweetness of Spring

  Spring Bulbs flowering in 
the countryside. 

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